Brand Message

With world-recognized performance and reliability,
SK CYLINDER is a leading brand
of high-pressure gas cylinders,
demonstrating superior functionality in advanced fields.

Special high-pressure gas cylinders, are indispensable for the storage and transportation of all gases.
SK CYLINDER has continued to pursue the neverending themes of pressure resistance, airtightness,
and corrosion resistance in the two fields of welded and seamless cylinders.
In stainless steel cylinders in particular, we were quick to respond to the latest high-purity gases
and semiconductor material gases used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
Our ultra-precise inner surface polishing has earned us a global reputation for clean performance,
which determines the quality of semiconductor products,
and we are proud of our overwhelming share of the market
not only in Japan but also in the most advanced factories in other countries.

The essential factor for pressure cylinders is absolute safety and reliability.
We conduct a strict X-ray inspection of LP gas welded cylinders and other cylinders.
We also conduct an X-ray inspection of all welded lines of all the stainless ctlinders.
Besides, we only deliver to our customers products that have passed many stringent inspections,
including penetration testing (PT) as well as various material tests.

“No compromise on functionality and performance whatsoever”
This commitment to quality results in the highest quality that can only be obtained at SK CYLINDER.

To adopt our products means to get excellent performance and safety.
We continue to take on the challenge of exploring the new frontier for high-pressure gas cylinders.