Privacy Policy

Recognizing that the appropriate protection of customers' personal information is an important social responsibility, SK CYLINDER Co., Ltd. ("Company" hereinafter) describes its policy on the handling of personal information below.

  • The Company shall collect customers' personal information for the purposes of transactions with customers and provision of services in accordance with the law, and use such personal information collected within the scope thereof.
  • In principle, customer personal information collected shall not be provided or disclosed to third parties, trading partners (not including entrustment to Company business subcontractors), etc. without the consent of the customers.
  • The Company shall take appropriate security measures to strive to prevent loss, destruction, unauthorized alteration, leakage, damage, and improper access related to collected customer personal information.
  • The Company shall handle customer personal information in compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
  • Although the Company may entrust the handling of personal information to outside parties for the purposes of transactions with customers and service provision, when it does so it shall conclude agreements after thoroughly informing such parties of the Company's policies on protection of personal information and carry out activities such as carry out inspection of such implementation.
  • However, it may provide customer personal information to third parties without the customer's prior consent in the following cases:
    - When required under laws or regulations
    - When necessary to protect human life, health, or property, and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
    - When necessary to cooperate with the performance of legal or regulatory duties by a national or local government agency or a party entrusted by such an agency, and obtaining the consent of the customer could impede the performance of such duties
  • Together with complying with laws, regulations, and other norms regarding the handling of customer personal information, the Company shall strive to continually review and improve the content of this Privacy Policy.