Reasons for Being Chosen

We have built an integrated production system at our factories in Japan to supply the highest quality high-pressure gas cylinders for various industrial fields requiring high-precision processing.

SK CYLINDER is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure gas cylinders, capable of producing both welded and seamless cylinders, and possesses advanced manufacturing and development capabilities. We supply Made-in-Japan high-pressure gas cylinders of the highest quality for various electronic devices that require nano-level processing such as semiconductors and liquid crystals, as well as for medical and other industrial fields where safety is essential.

We have a proven track record of success in leading-edge fields such as semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing and medical care.

High-pressure gas cylinders are indispensable in the manufacturing process of semiconductors and liquid crystals. Extremely high precision is required not only for corrosion resistance and airtightness against special gases, but also for inner surface polishing to maintain gas purity. SK Cylinder delivers many high-performance cylinders not only to Japan but also to Korea and China, where many semiconductor manufacturing factories are located. Our high-pressure gas cylinders are widely used in the most advanced fields, such as medical oxygen FRP cylinders that have received special approval with a five-year re-inspection period.

Achievements in cutting-edge fields

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • LCD manufacturing
  • Solar cell manufacturing

We have developed high-performance gas cylinders that meet various needs and applications in a variety of industries.

As one of Japan’s leading gas cylinder manufacturers with production technologies for both welded and seamless cylinders, SK CYLINDER is contracted to manufacture gas cylinders for chemical manufacturers and other customers from all industries. We can develop prototypes for the latest gases and produce a wide variety of products in small quantities, even in units of just several cylinders. In addition, we can develop specially designed high-performance gas cylinders to meet your requirements for material and capacity. Our development and technical capabilities have been highly evaluated, and we have been involved in many joint development projects with major automobile manufacturers, government agencies, and universities.

Achievements in joint development

  • Major chemical manufacturers
  • Major machine manufacturers
  • Major automakers
  • Government and other public offices
  • Universities, etc.

We have achieved world-class, high-quality manufacturing through integrated production at our factories in Japan.

Our high-pressure gas cylinders are manufactured in our factories in Japan on an integrated basis*. Our three manufacturing factories, Maebashi Factory, Sagamihara Factory, and Kanto Katakura Cylinder Factory, enable high-precision processing of large volumes of products. In the manufacturing of stainless welded cylinders, we are capable of performing solution heat treatment and inner surface polishing using advanced technologies that are essential for improving the performance of high-purity gas cylinders for semiconductors, enabling us to manufacture world-class, high-quality gas cylinders made in Japan.

* Excluding aluminum and FRP cylinders made by Luxfer and some other products

Integrated production system in Japan

  • Roll processing
  • Press processing
  • Part welding
  • Body welding
  • Heat treatment*
  • Hot spinning molding
  • Screw machining
  • External shot blasting
  • Internal sandblasting
  • Cleaning and drying
  • Pressure test
  • Airtightness test
  • Painting
  • Assembly, etc.

* Excluding some products