Message from President CEO

Pursuing superior high-pressure gas cylinder manufacturing technology from our unique perspective, we will contribute further to more sophisticated industries in the world.

Since its foundation in 1960, SK CYLINDER Group has established its own manufacturing and sales system, developing the manufacturing and selling business of welded and seamless gas cylinders.

We started our business mainly focusing on the manufacturing and sales of LPG cylinders for household and business use. Since the 1970s, our group has developed our business globally, such as by providing our own manufacturing technology to overseas companies. In addition, in collaboration with Tohoku University, which is leading the world in the field of semiconductors, we succeeded in developing ultra clean gas cylinders with ultra-high precision and ultra-high surface roughness. With our various achievements, we have earned international acclaim as the leading brand for high-performance, high-quality gas cylinders.

Demand for semiconductors will further increase in the future due to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). While adhering to the standards and regulations of each country, SK Cylinder has provided gas cylinders with high quality and high surface roughness that are made in Japan for the field of cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing. We have also contributed broadly to the medical field, where a high level of safety is required, by providing high-pressure gas cylinders degreased with advanced technology, leading to the improvement of the industry and economy, and quality of life (QOL) for patients. For our overseas strategy, we are expanding our global network in partnership with overseas companies. For example, we established WINTEC KOREA as a joint venture with Korean company. We also concluded a sales partnership with Luxfer, the world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure aluminum cylinders in 2006.

Based on our basic philosophy that “Quality is the essence of customer satisfaction and improving quality contributes to society and the development of our company,” SK CYLINDER Group is committed to the high quality of "Made in Japan" to provide products that are optimized for each customer's purpose and use. As a company trusted by customers around the world, including countries in Asia with potential for great growth, America, Europe, and other regions, we will continue to respond to increasingly sophisticated and diverse industrial needs.

Kazuyuki Yabata, President CEO